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Why Viivas?

Stress has been designated by the World Health Organization as the health epidemic of the 21st century (WHO).

In Europe, up to 60% of all lost working days can be attributed to work-related stress (Eurostat, EASHW).

Having too many responsibilities can be stressful and the pressure can make us loose the sense of priority and purpose in our lives.

On a scale from 0 to 10, people across the OECD gave a score of 6.5 to their life satisfaction (OECD Better Life Index).

Today, the use of technologies on a daily basis is inevitable, but we can use these technologies to improve our wellbeing.

That's why we created an Online Wellbeing Center where you can improve your wellbeing while staying connected.


Your life may be overly busy, or your mind may be constantly floating from one thought to another, or you may be undergoing a challenging experience… Something just does not feel right about your life.
Why not take some time out for yourself, explore your feelings, learn new avenues of personal growth and improve your emotional wellbeing?

Select the program that fits you the most and choose your personal expert who will accompany you through your wellbeing journey.

How do programs work?

Step 1

Select your program

Step 2

Choose your personal expert

Step 3

Select your plan and subscribe

Step 4

Start communicating with your personal expert


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